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Component Tool.png Car Repair Kit
Car Repair Kit.png
A tool kit used for fixing and maintaining vehicles.
General information
Category Tools
Subcategory Repair
Weight 0.05kg per stack (5.0 kg)
Space Given 3x2
Administrator Information
Car Repair Kit

The Car Repair Kit, is for repairing Vehicles, whether it's a Suv, Pickup, Quad, Motorcycle, Tractor or Boat. It has 20 uses, which heals 1% per use.


The Car Repair Kit has to be in range of the desired Vehicles that needs repairing. Whether it's on the ground or in the hands.


This tool kit can be found in workshops, mechanics & sometimes in random locations around the map.

Admin Command

  • #Spawnitem Car_Repair_Kit

Change History

Update 04-21-22 now have 20 uses.
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