Caker & His Dogs was one of the first new wave bands in Santa Cruz, even though when they formed the term "new wave" hadn't even been coined yet. The band consisted of Caker Calloway (vocals), Jim Musich (bass), Marty Korth (guitar), Peter Curry (drums), and D.J. Bernard (guitar). They were on the bill at the Backroom on September 1, 1977, Santa Cruz's first punk show. Original songs included "Lamp and a Bedpost", "Meat Me in the Alley", "Wild Rhinos", and "Grey Turns to Brown", all written by D.J. Bernard. After the departure of Curry and Bernard to Los Angeles, The "Dogs" continued with Caker on drums and Rick Williams on guitar. This incarnation would later change their name to The Alligators, and would open for Talking Heads first Santa Cruz show at Kresge College at UCSC in 1977.

They reformed in 1980 as Dogpile. One memorable Dogpile gig was with Caker's younger brother Dave Calloway's band The Prisoners at the Santa Cruz Art Center.

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