Caffe Pergolesi (aka The Perg and Pergs) is a coffee shop and venue located in downtown Santa Cruz at 418 Cedar Street. One of the earliest shows at the Perg was October 5, 2001 involving Comets on Fire and Drunkhorse, as part of the Big Bang.

Pergolesi began booking live music in 2001. Despite the cafe's lack of a live music license, the cafe was successful in staging over 50 shows. The shows were originally set up by Pete Bernhard and Paul Davis for most of 2001 and 2002. Johnny Streets then began setting shows up at the cafe in 2003 but due to new ownership and staff changes, shows were temporarily put on the backburner. In 2004 Paul Davis returned to booking shows, along with the staff, and shows began again most weekends. On June 24, 2005 Pergolesi was cited by police for live music noise complaints. Employees were threatened with individual $500 fines on top of the potential ticket for the cafe. Paul Davis cancelled all upcoming shows while the cafe looks into a live music permit, a process which could take up to a year.

Caffe Pergolesi mostly has booked bands that otherwise would not have a public venue in Santa Cruz other than house shows, generally eshewing typical cafe music fare for punk, indie, metal and other genres ill-represented by the larger music venues in town.

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