1515 Brommer, a cluttered three-and-one located in the unicorporated fringes of Live Oak, rattled heavily as a practice space, venue, Spring Formal host and party spot from September 1999 through August 2003. While usually a side note when discussing the often vibrant Santa Cruz music scene, the house nonetheless birthed many a rockin' band. Subtle Oak Complexity, Half Tsar, L.A.B., The Snaps, The Sucks, Pedestrian, The Grief Counsel, The Texas X's, AMCIS and Gnarwall and the Buseys all called the Brommer house home at one point or another.

Big names like Barbara Manning and Shotgun Jeb played sets of inspired, out-of-tune music there, as well as local acts like Oliver Brown, Gross Gang, Zdrastvootie, Sweat it Out and the Loyal Sons and Daughters.

The Annual Brommer Spring Formal began with only a few batches of Rum Runner Punch in its first outing, but turned into an event not to be missed by the musical elite of Santa Cruz in years following. Much of the Brommer havoc (bread fights, binge drinking, fireworks, nude dancing, face kicking) was captured on video by Big Bang documentarian Richard Myers, a resident of Brommer for three years.

Other dudes (dudes only at Brommer) to fork over first, last and security for the faded blue dwelling included: Tony Burchyns, Justin Ward, Nicholas Taplin, Cider, Steve Whitwill, Brian Anderson, Josh and Matt Brown, Zack Stewart from Tracer Bullet, Dave Novick, Gerald James Emcoe III and, of course, Nevin Smith.

Nicholas recorded most of the Cherry Ames CD and The Sucks tracks in Justin's bedroom at the Brommer house.

Recent peeks over the front yard junipers have revealed little in the way of information, but it can be safely stated that nobody of the rock and roll lifestyle currently resides there.

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