412 Broadway hosted many, many shows from 1998 to 2003. The original residents were Noel Von Harmonson, Nate Dalton, Ricardo Reano, Joseph Mosconi and Cass. Later generations of Broadway residents included Hugh Holden, Josh Alper, Bean, Ben Chasny, Keith Krate, Joel Gion, Steve Whitwill, Justin Ward, Hod Hulphers & more.

Shows were mostly held upstairs in the living room, but ocassionally took place downstairs as well. The Lowdown built a funhouse for their Y is a Crooked Letter record release party in the basement crawlspace (where the frat boys who lived in the house previously had grown pot). There was a secret passageway which involved a moveable bookshelf to get into said crawlspace. The Lowdown also practiced regularly and recorded portions of Y is a Crooked Letter in the basement bedroom.

Six Organs of Admittance probably recorded some stuff there as well while not smashing the place up on drunken rampages. Performers at 412 Broadway included The Thrones, The Need, Devendra Banhart, Old Time Relijun, The Microphones and many more.

Shining Through, Nick Green, Ameros, Chris Curd, and John Miller performed downstairs between 2008 - 2009.

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