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Block 21
Block 21.png
The Block 21 is a full-size service pistol, a standard law enforcement round with proven knock down power. The Block 21 is a short-recoil operated, striker-fire semi-automatic pistol.
Caliber Caliber .45 ACP
Velocity Velocity 254.5 m/s
Rate of Fire Rate Of Fire 700 rpm
Capacity Capacity 13
Range Range 400 m
Weight Weight 0.65 kg
Other Information
Category Weapons
Skill Handgun
Grid 4x3
Throwable No
Administrator Information

The Block 21 is a semi-automatic pistol.


Admin Commands[]

Block 21 Block 21 #SpawnItem BP_Weapon_Block21
Block 21 Magazine Block 21 Magazine #SpawnItem BP_Magazine_Block21
.45 ACP Ammunition Box .45 ACP Ammunition Box #SpawnItem Cal_45_Ammobox


  • The Block 21 was originally known as the Eder 22.