In the fall of 2002, the third Big Bang festival took place. The September 21st show was canceled when it was learned that Keith Krate was found dead earlier that day. The September 28th Drunkhorse/Comets of Fire/Ludicra was canceled to make room for Keith's memorial services.

Thursday, September 20Edit

Oliver Brown, Dennis Driscoll, Melting Igloo. at the Cayuga Vault. 8 PM $3.

Saturday, September 22Edit

Deerhoof, the Lowdown, The Monitor Bats, 25 Suaves, Janet Pants Dansetheatre, Rash Modernaire. at the 418 Project. 7:30 PM. $3.

Sunday, September 23Edit

The Gross Gang, Amortiphera, Gnarwal & the Bussies, The Automatones. At a house on 7th. 7 PM

Monday, September 24Edit

The Catastrophes, Sweat It Out, Ceramic Isles, The Snaps. At the Saturn Cafe. 8 PM

Tuesday, September 25Edit

Here Kitty Kitty, Redlights of Mergatroid, Time Spent Driving. At the 418 Project. 9 PM. $3.

Thursday, September 26Edit

Run_return, Rapatron, the Comfy Chairs. At the Rio Theatre. 8 PM. $3.

Friday, September 27Edit

Sin in Space, One Fine Day, Bite Size. At the Plymouth Street House. 8 PM.

Sunday, September 29Edit

The Grief Counsel, Hellafine, Melanie & Alessandra. The Needle Exchange. $3. 8 PM

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