In the fall of 2000, the first Big Bang festival took place.

Thurdsay, September 28Edit

Oliver Brown, Sweet Nothing, Cuspidor at Community TV. 8 PM; $3

Friday, September 29Edit

Sin in Space, Cowboy, Panpan, Blue Bottle Kiss, at the Drop-In Center; 9 PM; $3

Saturday, September 30Edit

Spike & Princess, the Aislers Set, Dear Nora, at the Dance Gallery. $3. 9PM.

Sunday, October 1Edit

Hate Mail Express, The Serum Greys, !!!, at Stevenson Rec Room; 7:45 PM PM; $3

Monday, October 2Edit

Calvin Johnson , Mirah, the Microphones , Kaledoscopic Jelly Bean Head Gnomes, at Hotel Belmont.

Tuesday, October 3Edit

Drunkhorse, Lady Fingers & Laura Limes, Comets on Fire, at the Saturn Cafe; 9 PM; free

Wednesday, October 4Edit

Perfume, The Dr. Peppers, the Sucks, at the Santa Cruz Hotel (aka Planet Fresh). free

Thursday, October 5Edit

Run_return, Invisible, the Paper Cuts, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone , at the Cube; 9 PM; $3

Friday, October 6Edit

The Exploding Crustaceans, the Four-Eyes, the Bananas, the Automatones, Porter College, UCSC, $3. 8 PM

Saturday, October 7Edit

Cherry Ames, The Max Lange Attack, Friends Forever, Nuzzle, $3. at the the Rio Movie Theatre,. $3. 9PM.
This was the first music event ever at the Rio, and Cherry Ames' last Santa Cruz show. Just as Nuzzle was taking the stage, the church down the street from the Rio caught fire and burned down. Although there was a fire station across the street from the church, the fire crew and their trucks were out on another call.

Sunday, October 8Edit

The Lowdown, Deerhoof, Tracy & the Plastics, Bunk Bed, at the Rio Movie Theatre, $3, 9 PM.

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