Scum Wiki

Getting Started[]

Base building in Scum allows a player to settle down and have a safe place to store their hard earned gear and weapons. The ability to build a base is dependent on the player's Engineering Skill and their Survival Skill. The player has three choices either fortify a pre-existing map structure, build a new home from scratch, or a combination of both.

The Basics[]

Regardless of what method you choose to build your base, there are a few basic steps that need to be taken.

Placing a Flag[]

Placing a flag is vital to begin the construction of your base. The flag in Scum allows the player to claim a section of the map, a visual radius appears to show the player their working space. The flag prevents other players from building within that area and prevents them from locking/claiming doors in that area. The flag also serves as a single location to repair any player built structure with the use of a toolbox.

Making Locks[]

Locks are used to lock doors, chests, and vehicles. A player has three options for locks, Rusty Lock, Basic Lock, Gold Lock. Each lock type is more secure than the previous lock, making it more difficult for another player lock picking the door, chest, or vehicle. A player has the option to place five (5) locks per door, with each added lock the level of difficulty for lock picking increases. Different lock types can be added to the same door or chest.

Note: Vehicles are only allowed one (1) lock.

Tip: Never leave with a locked door or gate open.

Making a Chest[]

Chests are used to store player items. There are three (3) chests that a player can construct, the Wooden Chest, Improved Wooden Chest, and the Improvised Metal Chest. Each chest increases in storage capacity as the quality of the chest is increases.

Note: Chests can be buried when placed on the ground. Must use a shovel.

Making a Bed[]

A player will need to place a bed in order to respawn at their base. Beds found in pre-existing structures do not serve as a respawn point for a player. The player has two (2) options for a bed, the improvised bed seen above, and the metal bed.

Note: There are now apparent differences in the beds other than for style.

Making a Storage Shelf & Improvised Wardrobe[]

2 storage elements for your items to reduce the need for hoarding chests. The Improvised Wardrobe has the horizontal size as a metal chest and the vertical size as 3 metal chests. The Storage Shelf has the horizontal size as a metal chest and the vertical size as 6 metal chests

Making a Log Shed[]

You have 2 new log storage buildings, Small Log Shed and Big Log Shed. You can store big logs, small logs, planks and sticks into them.

Base Repair[]

To repair things in your base, it is easiest to grab a tool box and go to your flag and repair from there. Otherwise, you should be able to repair on an individual basis in the same manner.

Maintaining items[]

  • To prevent buildings from being destroyed regardless of health, you must maintain them at least once every 14 days.
  • All constructions within a flags area get maintained automatically when entering the flag zone

Pre-Existing Building[]

Starting from Scratch[]

Change History[]

Update 06-15-21 Removing elements made of metal, brick and concrete require blunt tool equipped not sharp tool.
Update 05-26-21 Reworked handling of explosive damage to base building elements.
Update 02-05-21 Disabled the ability to place BB elements on pre constructed Hunting towers
Update 10-30-20 You can now place 5 locks or upgrades on doors instead of 3.

Items resting on top of base elements will now drop on the floor when the base elements are destroyed.

Update 06-10-20 Added auto maintenance of items within flag areas