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The Archery skill is a trait that is adjustable during character creation that can also be improved during game play.

How It Works

Every bow can be used with any level of archery skill, as long as the player has enough points in their strength attribute to successfully draw.

The archery skill decides the level of sway reduction on maintained full-draws, and how long it takes to achieve a full draw.
A player with no archery skill will take 1.5 seconds to complete a draw, and every other level of skill will take only 1.0 seconds.
The skill level functions in whole increments. This means that if you have no skill, but you're 50% of the way to basic skill, the draw will still take 1.5 seconds.

Improving Skill

Improvement of your archery skill is a very slow process. Progressing from "no skill" to "basic" could take days or even weeks of work.

An increase of skill is obtained through practice like any other skill, but as you become better, more practice is required to get yourself to the next level. For this reason, it is suggested for most players that if bow-focused game play is how you wish to play, you should create your character accordingly, and begin with a high level of archery skill and strength, instead of working up to it.


When using bows, strength plays a large part in how well you perform.

Every bow has a different draw weight called pounds, or "#". The heavier the draw weight, the stronger your character must be to maintain a full draw long enough for you to aim before you become overwhelmed and release the arrow automatically.
In some instances, if your character does not have enough strength, they may not even be able to draw the bow completely. This could cause you to launch the arrow in any direction in front of you.
For every full point (+1.0) applied to your strength attribute, your character gains an additional 1.5 seconds of time held in the full-draw position.
This value does scale. Ex: 1.2STR = +0.3s, 1.4STR = +0.6s, etc.
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