Abhorrance is a punk metal band from Santa Cruz, California originally made up of Brandon Fitzgerald (lead guitar/vox), Pat Diola (guitar/vox), Andrew LeGrande (drums) and Ian Bowers (bass), all homegrown. Their sound blends Brandon's thrash metal interests with Patrick's skate punk interests.

The band was formed in 1994 by Brandon and Patrick, childhood-friends. After numerous personnel changes, Andrew and Ian joined in 2002. That year, Abhorance released their first 7" and began touring regularly. The band went on hiatus a few times to work with other projects, but they have never broken up. After the band's 2003 summer tour Andrew and Ian dropped out causing a long period without touring or recording.

Patrick selected the band's name while looking through the dictionary for an cool sounding word, in 7th grade.


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