Anthony Cardott (*1984) is an artist from Aromas, California living in Santa Cruz from 2006 to 2010, where he took a bachelor's degree in Language Studies in 2009 from the UC.

Cardott's work began to trickle into Santa Cruz in the early oughts, as he'd sell noise CDs and comic books he made at Streetlight Records. In 2005 he entered comics into the $19.99 art sale at the SCICA's ? Gallery, for which he was paid with a bad check; when he tried to get a new check the SCICA was evasive and never reembursed his bank fines nor the money for the comics. 

His largest ecology art project was a section of woods in the Delaveaga Park from Spring 2007 to Spring 2008, where he attempted to nurture transplanted redwood clones to maturity; the project was not successful. In August 2007 he recorded the radio jingle for the Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery; the jingle played on all wavelengths of KPIG for about a year. During the beginning of 2009 he helped organize online music collaborations with Synthia Payne and spoke on KZSC about playing bass with musicians across the world over the internet. In August 2010 Cardott moved to Mankato, Minnesota, and then in June 2011 to San Jose, California.

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