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7.62x54mmR Bullet
7.62x54mmR Bullet.png
General Information
The 7.62x54mmR is a rimmed rifle cartridge developed by the Russian Empire and introduced as a service cartridge in 1891. Used in: SVD
Grid Size 1x1
Stack Size 20
Weight 0.4kg per stack
Administrator Information
7.62x54mmR Bullet
7.62x54mmR Bullet.png #SpawnItem Cal_7_62x54mmR

The 7.62×54mmR is a rimmed rifle cartridge developed by the Russian Empire and introduced as a service cartridge in 1891. Originally designed for the bolt-action Mosin–Nagant rifle, it was used during the late Tsarist era and throughout the Soviet period to the present day. The cartridge remains one of the few standard-issue rimmed cartridges still in military use and has the longest service life of all military-issued cartridges in the world.

The 7.62×54mmR is the oldest cartridge still in regular combat service with several major armed forces in the world. In 2011, the cartridge reached 120 years in service. As of December 2013 the 7.62×54mmR is mainly used in designated marksman/sniper rifles like the Dragunov sniper rifle, SV-98 and machine guns like the PKM.


The 7.62x54mmR Bullet can only be used with the SVD.
The rounds can be chambered individually, or used with the SVD Magazine


These rounds can be found in military locations around the map in random stack sizes, or in boxes of 30.

Crafting this ammunition requires medium rifle skill. 5 rounds are produced each time the recipe is crafted.
Below are the ingredients required to craft this ammunition:

Admin Commands[]

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  • 7.62x54mmR Round 20 Rounds - #SpawnItem Cal_7_62x54mmR
  • 7.62x54mmR Round TR 20 Rounds - #SpawnItem Cal_7_62x54mmR_TR
  • 7.62x54mmR Round AP 20 Rounds - #SpawnItem Cal_7_62x54mmR_AP
  • 7.62x54mmR Ammunition Box 20 Round Box - #SpawnItem Cal_7_62x54mmR_Ammobox

Unused Commands

  • 7.62x54mmR Case Empty Casing - #SpawnItem Cal7_62x54mmR_Empty
  • 7.62x54mmR Ammunition Box Open Ammunition Box - #SpawnItem Cal_7_62x54mmR_Ammobox

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