NOISE CLINIC [1] (1998 to 2000 in the USA and 2005 to present world-wide) Is a punk-noise band originally based in Tokyo, Japan. Founder member Tait Reed guitar and vocals (from Junk Sick Dawn, Oh My Cow! and +DOG+), Tabata, Mitsuru (Boredoms founder member, Zeni Geva, and Acid Mothers Temple), bass and vocals, and Kawakita, Ayato on drums. Originally started in 1998 by Tait and original Junk Sick Dawn bass player James Feathers, along with Mike Sylva on drums and Tom Hale on keys. It then transformed into a solo project of Tait's, and then upon moving to Japan in 2005, re-started with Tabata and Kawakita. The modern Tokyo, Japan, version is quite different from the original line-up. Currently in negotiation with a record label for their new, un-released album, tentatively titled "問答無用, Mondō Muyō - Dialog is Useless", titled after the infamous 五・一五事件, Goichigo Jiken incident of May 15, 1932. A tour of the West Coast of the USA was in the planning stages.


In 2008, Tait had to return to the USA due to Visa issues. Soon after his return, he reformed Noise Clinic with violinist and vocalist Sayaka Yabuki (Black Cab, Zen Paradox) on violin, synths and vocals, Trevor McClain (Fiends At Feast, Greivence) on drums and Joe Gabent (Exploding Crustaceans, The Gibbs, SA90), on bass. They have been steadily playing many shows in the local area with a steadily growing fanbase. In 2010 Noise Clinic played with their heroes Victims Family at The Catalyst. Plans are now in place for a new recording in July of 2013 to be followed by a West Coast USA tour with first-wave Japan punk band Ultra Bide (Alternative Tentacles) in support of Ultra Bide's new album. Tait was asked to join Ultra Bide as guest guitarist for a Ultra Bide tour in support of SNFU. That is all still developing. Expect to hear a lot more about this band soon.

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"Don't confuse Noise Clinic with the Polish band of the same name that has no drummer. Please." - A.S.


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